Delocalized mail

  • Delocalized mail

    Mailboxes for the same domain in different mail systems

This in principle might not seem to be very useful, but it might be valuable to cut down on costs and improve the operations of the mail service of our company as we are going to see hereinafter.

How does it work?

We are going to give a few examples hereinafter about how this service might be useful:


Use the Google G Suite only for mailboxes that really need it to cut down on costs. Let’s see an example to understand this better:

  • Let’s assume that there is a domain with 100 mailboxes, out of which only 10 need the Google G Suite service.

  • The annual cost of transferring all the mailboxes to Google G Suite would be €4000/year.

  • By using our hosting service and our delocalized mail solution the cost would be €203.40 (PACK WXL) plus €400 (Google G Suite), in total 603,40€/year.

  • That is to say, an annual saving of 3396,60€.

Improved access

Break up the mailboxes according to the servers hosted in different offices, so that the mailboxes can be accessed from each office through the local network.


Make the migration tasks to a new mail system easier, so that this migration can be done in batches.


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