Digital kit

Digital Kit

The Digital Kit is an initiative of the Spanish Government that is intended to subsidise the implementation of digital solutions that are available in the market to make significant progress on the digital maturity level.

This initiative is backed by the Next Generation funds from the European Union and it has a budget of more than 3000 million euros.

Who is it intended for?

The digital solutions provided by the Digital Kit are designed to meet the needs of small companies, micro-enterprises and self-employed workers, who belong to any sector or type of business. The maximum amount available for this funding depends on the number of employees:

  • Less than 3 employees: €2000
  • Between 3 and 9 employees: €6000
  • Between 10 and 50 employees: €12,000

Categorías de soluciones Categories of digital solutions

If you comply with the conditions established in the rules and regulations of the official announcement of the Digital Kit grants, you will get a digital voucher that will enable you to access digitalization solutions. Estas son las categorías de soluciones digitales. These are the categories of digital solutions. In this link you can find out about what each one consists in and the amount of funding given for each solution.

The categories in which we can be your Digitizer Agent are as follows:

Website and online presence

The main objective of this category is that you can have a web page to make yourself visible online.

  • Domain registration from €3/year.
  • Domain hosting with DNS service, website and email from €2.95/month.
  • Professional email inboxes using our hosting, Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365. From €2.95/month.
  • Creation of a corporate website from €300.

Electronic commerce

The main objective of the category is to create your website to sell products and/or services that use digital media for this. As well as making your brand visible, you will have an e-commerce or store online.

  • Creation of a customized virtual store from €500.

Services and virtual office tools

The main objective of this category is to incorporate interactive and functional solutions in your company that enhance the collaboration among your employees and make it more efficient.

  • Virtualization solutions on which the whole information technology infrastructure can be deployed. From €600.
  • Virtual office solutions to favour teleworking from €50/month
  • IP phone services to cut down on costs and improve voice communications. From €9/month.

Process management

The main objective of this category is to digitalize and/or automate your business processes related with operational and production issues.

  • Customized programming and process analysis services. From €500.

Secure communication

With this solution you will have secure connections between the devices of your employees and the company.

  • Analysis and the definition of the types of data networks making IT security a priority at all times. From €500.
  • Installation and configuration of firewalls to protect the corporate networks. From €800.
  • Setting up firewalls based on our Open Source FWCloud product. From €250.

Cyber Security

The objective of this solution is to provide basic and advanced security for the devices of your employees.

  • Security audit to analyse vulnerabilities and come up with improvements and solutions. From €500.

How to apply for the grants

The funding obtained through the Digital Kit initiative is not directly assigned to the companies or self-employed workers that request it. It is granted through Digital Vouchers to technological companies that set up the solution for whoever has applied for the funding.

These companies are called Digitizer Agents. SOLTECSIS is a Digitizer Agent; therefore, you can choose us for this while the application is being processed.

To process the application for the Digital Kit grants you have to follow the steps below:

Register in AceleraPyme.

Digital diagnosis test.

Request the Digital Voucher.

Choose SOLTECSIS as your Digitizer Agent and get in touch with us.


You can get in touch with us by phoning us, sending us an email or by filling in the following form:


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