Our history

Our history

A story based on human generosity, on giving without expecting anything in exchange.

Open Source

Our history goes hand-in-hand with freeware, of all those people who selflessly make their creations available for everyone else. There is one key event in the history of SOLTECSIS and that is the publication of my final degree project online, so that everyone could download it and use it as they please. This selfless gesture is the one that later on resulted in meeting some of the most important customers that we have today.


Here, on the terrace of my parent’s house is where the UnlimitedMail system was hosted. A highly available totally free system designed to provide a quality mail system to the Internet Community. More than 20,000 mailboxes have been created by users from all over the world, which are still operative today. This was another one of the key factors for the creation of SOLTECSIS.


The creativity and the excitement to do new things are the main factors that have spurred SOLTECSIS on throughout its existence. The wide variety of products and services that we have created over the years are irrefutable proof of this. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for freeware, seeing as our projects to some extent, are nourished by creations that others have made available to everyone else without asking for anything in exchange.

Technological passion

One of our main premises is to provide our customers with the most appropriate solution for their requirements. So that the investments in technology always result in profits, never a loss. This involves researching and trying out the existing latest technology continuously, which we love to do, because we have a real passion for technology.

Own Data Centre

As the customers and the services supplied increased there was a need for a data centre to host our entire infrastructure. Initially we built our own that we used for a few years. Finally we decided to transfer our servers to a shared data centre.

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Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó

CEO & Founder - SOLTECSIS Soluciones Tecnológica

Thank you!

It is difficult to put into words our gratitude to everyone who has helped make us what we are today, but we are going to try. Thanks to all our customers who put their trust in us. Thanks to the personnel behind SOLTECSIS for all their hard work and consistency. Thanks to all the people who can give their creations without asking for anything in exchange, seeing as they are the ones who make all the difference and make this world a better place.


You can get in touch with us by phoning us, sending us an email or by filling in the following form:


Commercial Department: comercial@soltecsis.com Technical Department: soporte@soltecsis.com


SOLTECSIS SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS, S.L. B54368451 C/Carrasca, 7 local 3 03590 Altea (Alicante) - España (+34) 966 446 046 / 966 919 929 info@soltecsis.com

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