Mail cleanup

Mail cleanup

Computer viruses and spam are the main source of problems these days for users of the email service.

Virus and SPAM free

If you do not take the appropriate measures when it comes to IT security a virus that gets to the PC of a user through the email can infect the other PCs of your company, which might result in a considerable amount of data being lost, confidential data being leaked, the company’s operations being disrupted, etc. This might all lead to a lot of time, money and business being lost. A mailbox that is overflowing with hundreds or thousands of spam messages received daily makes it useless. Furthermore, having to download these messages, read them and then delete them is a significant waste of time of the employees of a company, which decreases their productivity.

What is our mail cleanup service useful for?

The objective of our mail cleanup service is to remove any viruses and spam of the messages sent to your mailboxes. By activating this service what we do is receive all the mail sent to your mailboxes and, having cleaned up (get rid of the viruses and the spam); we send it back to your mail server. Not only can this service be used for the incoming mail, but also for the outgoing mail to therefore guarantee that nobody from your company sends spam or viruses online.

Cost of the service

The monthly fee is determined by the following couple of parameters, which can be found through our control panel in the corresponding section of the mail cleanup service: • Average daily amount of the messages processed. • Average daily volume of traffic in bytes. hese parameters are calculated and updated every day for the current month so that the user of the service has a clear idea about their consumption and what section they are in. The budget summary table below shows the different sections defined according to the two aforesaid parameters.

Section Amount of messages (daily average) Volume of traffic (daily average) Monthly fee
 MC100  Hasta 100 (3.000/month)  50MB (1.5GB/month)  15,00€/month
 MC250  250 (7.500/month)  100MB (3GB/month)  30,00€/month
 MC500  500 (15.000/month)  150MB (4.5GB/month)  50,00€/month
 MC1K  1.000 (30.000/month)  300MB (9GB/month)  80,00€/month
 MC2.5K  2.500 (75.000/month)  600MB (18GB/month)  125,00€/month
 MC5K  5.000 (150.000/month)  1.5GB (45Gb/month)  200,00€/month
 MC10K  10.000 (300.000/month)  3GB (90GB/month)  300,00€/month
 MC25K  25.000 (750.000/month)  7.5GB (225GB/month)  550,00€/month
 MC50K  50.000 (1.500.000/month)  15GB (450GB/month)  600,00€/month
 MC100K  100.000 (3.000.000/month)  30GB (900GB/month)  800,00€/month
 MC150K  150.000 (4.500.000/month)  45GB (1.350GB/month)  1050,00€/month
 MC200K  200.000 (6.000.000/month)  60GB (1.800GB/month)  1200,00€/month

It must be kept in mind that both parameters have to be met to stay in a certain section. For example, if the average daily amount of messages is lower than 1000, but the average daily traffic is over 300MB (for example 450MB); the fee will go to the corresponding MC2.5K section.


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