Networks and security

Networks and security

IT security is currently an unresolved issue in the majority of companies.

Computer networks and IT security are two concepts that are closely related nowadays.

If you use Internet for your work or to communicate with a number of your offices, it is therefore very important that you think about the security of your correspondence.

Why is security important in our company?

Adaptation and change

In the last few years all companies have had to work extremely hard to adapt to new technology and break new ground in Information Society. However, these new paths also give rise to new threats. Not only do we have to get up-to-date and make the most of the advantages to be had with new technology, we also have to close any possible doors or holes that make us vulnerable.

Protected access

Having a connection, in any of its forms, which guarantees us our access to the information highways marks a big step forward and at the same time it is an open door that could damage data that is critical for the company. When it comes to the physical security of our company, we definitely would not dream of leaving the entrance door to the office open, well in the same way we must establish mechanisms that guarantee us authorised access to our systems and this is achieved by setting up IT security mechanisms.

Corporate image

Another factor to bear in mind would be the damage to the corporate image of companies whose security problems come to light. Obviously if the security of our company is breached, the loss of credibility vis-à-vis our customers is considerable, but even more so vis-à-vis our competition, which for some companies might result in a complete and catastrophic loss of business.


Our Services related to Networks and Security

Security Audit / Network topology

We analyse your communication requirements and we give you advice on what is the best way to meet them, always bearing in mind the security of your data.


Firewalls are devices that are used to control the access to the networks that are part of our offices and enable us to filter incoming and outgoing network traffic to only let what is valid through.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

The VPN are systems that provide for the interconnection through Internet, an insecure medium, of various physically separated locations (offices, customers, suppliers…) using encapsulation and encryption techniques that help guarantee data integrity.

We have our own firewall management solution that we call FWCloud, which has been entirely designed by our R+D+I department.
""IT security is currently an unresolved issue in the majority of companies."


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