Customized developments

Customized developments

We provide a specialised consultancy service in customized programming.

We provide specialised consultancy services.

Customized website app programming (both front-end and back-end), APIs, embedded systems, server-customer solutions, databases, etc.
Our team of full-stack programmers, working methods and collaborative tools such as GitHub/GitLab help us undertake any project in a structured and systemized way. You tell us what your app requirements and needs are and we will make it happen.

Analysis stage

During the analysis stage we carry out an in-depth study of the most suitable technological stack (languages, frameworks and technologies) to meet the requirements of the project. We define the tools to use, workflows, environments (pre and production); in short, everything that is necessary so that the project progresses in the best way possible, you can monitor the evolution of it, and provide us with feedback about it during its life cycleo.

Among others, we work with languages such as NodeJS, TypeScript, PHP, Rust, C, C++, shell script; frameworks such as NestJS, Symfony, Laravel, Actix; and databases such as MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB.

Software tests

All our developments are conducted through software tests to therefore guarantee the quality and the integrity of the generated code. We focus on generating a clean code that can be maintained; making use of the standardized design patterns and good practices. We implement continuous integration and automated deployment to provide an environment of fast development that enables us to automate tasks to therefore focus on generating the code of the project.

Examples carried out by SOLTECSIS

Example 1:


FWCloud is an Open Source project entirely designed and developed by SOLTECSIS. It is a website app that helps manage Linux based firewalls in a centralized and secure manner. It is a cloud app, which is essential to be able to use it anywhere, at any time and with any device.


(Front-end) FWCloud-UI (User Interface)

User interface developed using the Angular framework through which the user can manage all their firewalls. FWCloud-API is used to carry out all the operations requested by the user.

(Back-end) FWCloud-API

API REST developed in Node.JS through which all the operations provided for by FWCloud can be carried out. A MySQL or MariaDB database is used to store all the data.


App developed in RUST that is installed in the firewalls that we want to run from FWCloud.

Example 2: Monitoring steam leaks


One of our big projects is the development of a system to monitor the loss of energy and the emission of fluid contamination into the environment. This system consists in a set of smoke emission sensors, liquid sensors, etc. which take samples of emission levels and, communicate with a cluster of servers designed by us from time to time where the samples from the sensors are stored and the appropriate alarms are set off when the emissions that are detected are above the established margin.


The whole system is controlled and monitored from a website interface designed in PHP, through which the samples stored in the cluster are accessed to produce statistical graphs and the sensors are accessed to manage their configuration parameters. The collection of data from the sensors, processing it and storing it in the databases (MySQL o MariaDB) is carried out by means of programmed processes in C.


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