VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Virtual desktops and applications accessible from anywhere and at any time, providing flexibility, security and efficiency in the management of work environments.

What is VDI?

VDI stands for "Virtual Desktop Infrastructure." It is a technology that allows organizations to host and manage virtual desktops in a centralized environment, rather than relying on individual physical computers for each user. In a VDI environment, user desktops run as virtual machines (VMs) on servers in the organization's data center. Each user accesses their virtual desktop through a client device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, using a network connection.

UDS Enterprise

As a VDI solution we implemented UDS ENTERPRISE which provides a high-performance work experience and maximum security regardless of location and access device, to all the software you need for your work, 24/7. VDI infrastructure allows you to store all programs, applications and data on a remote server. It can be on-premise, hosted in a public, hybrid or multicloud cloud. Users gain freedom and mobility. IT administrators manage the entire platform automatically and centrally. Workstations are deployed in a matter of minutes, are always accessible and are customized according to the requirements of each user group, increasing security and saving costs.



It meets the highest safety standards without the need for any extra components.

Multi Tech

It is compatible with any technology. Enable all the solutions you need simultaneously.

100% Customizable

Open Source base that allows you to customize the platform to adapt it to your needs.

Efficiency and cost savings

UDS Enterprise allows you to manage all the software used in the organization from a single console. It optimizes existing infrastructures, enables the reuse of obsolete equipment and cost savings in the acquisition of new devices.


The great scalability of this VDI solution allows you to easily expand or reduce the infrastructure according to the real needs of each moment, offering a fast and efficient solution to peaks in demand.

User Experience

Users just have to open a web browser and enter their UDS Enterprise access credentials to start using all the tools they need. In the event of any incident, the support team's response times are drastically reduced.

Sustainability and Responsibility

UDS Enterprise helps organizations to be more sustainable and responsible in caring for the environment, promoting compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda set by the UN.


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