What is FWCloud?


FWCloud is a web app to manage Linux based firewalls in a centralized and safe manner. It is a cloud application, which is essential to be able to use it anywhere, at any time and with any device.

Manage all your firewalls anywhere and from any device

It can be used to group cloud firewalls together, which is what we call FWCloud and the actual app is named after it. The fwclouds are logical arrangements of firewalls, clusters of firewalls, IP objects, groups, VPN connections, etc. For example, an fwcloud can be used for each of your customers or to group together the firewalls of each country where you have offices.

FWCloud is the result of an idea to satisfy the need to speed up one of the important tasks of our daily work at SOLTECSIS, the management of Linux based firewalls. It is an OpenSource product developed entirely by the technical staff at SOLTECSIS

Main features

Simple and fast installation

Management of Linux based firewalls (IPTables or NFTables)

Heterogeneous Firewalls: physical, virtual, routers, etc.

Offline management. The changes are made whenever we want

Logical arrangement of objects through FWClouds

Multi-tenant. We can manage various customers from the same FWCloud installation

Manage firewall clusters without any node limits

Access to the firewalls through the SSH protocol or through the FWCloud-Agent

Graphic PKI management to produce the certificates required for your VPNs

Complete VPN management

Incorporation of VPNs into the security policy

Advanced routing managed graphically

Up-to-date and comprehensive documentation in each new release

Youtube channel with tutorial videos with the most characteristic features Forum where questions can be asked

Forum where questions can be asked


You can get in touch with us by phoning us, sending us an email or by filling in the following form:


Commercial Department: comercial@soltecsis.com Technical Department: soporte@soltecsis.com


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