Do you want to cut down on the equipment acquisition and maintenance costs, both those related to the servers and the job positions? Virtualization is the answer that you have been looking for.

Virtualization is the answer that you have been looking for

Do you want to cut down on the equipment acquisition and maintenance costs, both those associated with the servers and the desktop PCs? Hardware virtualization refers to a mechanism through which various machines can be run simultaneously in the same hardware..

What does it provide us with...?


We can run all our servers and work stations like virtual machines in our virtualization infrastructure, which is made up of one or more physical servers.

Reducing costs

Significantly simplifying the management and the maintenance of your computer systems, it cuts down on the resources used for your technological infrastructure, which results in a considerable financial gain for the company that uses this type of technology.

Energy efficiency

It contributes to the fight against the climate change by cutting down on your energy consumption thanks to our virtualization solutions. It significantly reduces the consumption of your infrastructures and it also simplifies how they are run.

Fault tolerance

If we opt for a high availability virtualization solution by using various physical servers, we are using redundant systems to guarantee the operational continuity of all the virtualized systems.


Backups of virtual machines can be made, by keeping different recovery points back in time. We can even make backups various times a day to have frequent backups of more critical virtual machines.

Disaster recovery

With our Disaster Recovery option, recover the operations of your company quickly and easily whenever there is an unexpected disaster (ransomware, flooding, fire, theft, etc.).

The virtualization technology that we use is Proxmox VE. One of our star products are the virtualization clusters based on various Proxmox VE servers together with the Ceph distributed file system. This combination helps cut down on the costs incurred in the virtualization infrastructure considerably, seeing as expensive disk enclosures for shared storage are not required, nor are pricey software licenses. We also have the PBS (Proxmox Backup Server) to be able to make the backups of all the virtual machines that are part of our infrastructure.


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