Proxmox Backup Server

Proxmox Backup Server

Backup of data and virtual machines


Proxmox Backup Server is an enterprise backup solution for backing up
and restoring virtual machines, containers and physical hosts.


Proxmox Backup Server in the cloud

Space optimisation

By supporting incremental and fully deduplicated backups, Proxmox Backup Server significantly reduces network load and saves valuable storage space.


With strong encryption and methods to ensure data integrity, you can feel confident backing up your data, even to destinations you don't fully trust.

Business support

For €20 per month per TB, contract the space you need to have a remote copy of your entire virtualisation infrastructure.

The security and continuity of your data is paramount, which is why we offer a data replication service between different data centres at the same cost of €20 per month per TB for each additional data centre in which you wish to replicate your backups.


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