Voice over IP

Voice over IP

Local area networks and Internet as a means of transport for your voice communications..

Voice over IP technology

Also known as Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP (Voice over IP), which enables you to use your local area networks and Internet as a means of transport for your voice communication. That is to say, the VoIP telephone systems offer a huge advantage of bringing together the voice and data networks.
Thanks to this phone service costs can be reduced significantly seeing as, instead of using a conventional call centre, companies that set up VoIP phone systems can use a virtual call centre based on a physical server or a virtual server, which is much cheaper and easier to maintain.

Furthermore, the VoIP phone system makes your voice communication extremely versatile, because it enables you to do the following:

Use the network cabling for the voice communications to avoid extra costs involved in having to set up a parallel voice network.

Make the most of the same voice lines for different offices linked together through Internet. Your company might have offices in different cities or different areas and only use the voice lines of one of the offices, thus avoiding the extra cost involved in having to hire voice services in each office.

Having an extension plan spread out through all your offices regardless of where they are. An incoming call in an office located in one city can be transferred to any extension in any other city regardless of where it is.

Set of outgoing lines. The virtual switchboard can deal with the outgoing calls to direct them through free lines, regardless of where they are. That is to say a call can be redirected through a free line located in an office other than the one where the call came from.

Detailed reports about calls, which help to cut down on phone call costs.

As well as other interesting functions such as recording calls, voice mail, operator panel based on the website environment, call queues, instant messaging, etc.


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