Hormigones Caleta, S.A.

Hormigones Caleta is an avant-garde company in the manufacture of high quality products and solutions. Since its inception, Caleta’s challenge has been to offer professionals unique, innovative and sustainable solutions to create environments that make life easier for the people who live in them. Thanks to the innovation, experience and commitment of our team, we are succeeding in meeting the exciting challenge we set ourselves more than 35 years ago.

For Hormigones Caleta we have deployed a Proxmox VE Ceph Cluster at their headquarters along with Proxmox VE servers at each of their multiple processing plants, to run some local virtual machines needed at each of those plants. All of this is maintained and monitored by us through our monitoring and alert system.

A local PBS (Proxmox Backup Server) with large storage capacity is used for backups and, in addition, several copies are kept in our PBS Online service so that you also have external backups that serve as a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan).

They have also received official Proxmox VE training from us, which has helped them to better understand and manage the entire virtualization infrastructure they have in place.

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