Muebles Romero, S.A

It is a Valencian company, located in the town of Ribarroja del Túria, which is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of furniture for hospitality and collectivities, and has offices throughout Spain and abroad. Muebles Romero began its journey 60 years ago betting on innovation, quality and sustainability.

Their virtualization infrastructure is based on a Proxmox VE Ceph Cluster implemented by us and on which they run all the virtual machines that serve as the basis for all the systems they use for their daily operations.

A local PBS (Proxmox Backup Server) with large storage capacity is used for backups and, in addition, several copies are kept in our PBS Online service so that you also have external backups that serve as a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan).

They have also received official Proxmox VE training from us, which has helped them to better understand and manage the entire virtualization infrastructure they have in place.

We have implemented a wi-fi network that provides coverage to all the warehouses used in their central factory, as well as defined all the topology and network segmentation of their factory. The entire security and VPN access policy is managed through a cluster of virtual firewalls administered from a FWCloud console.

We manage your email server and provide email cleaning services to alleviate the problems posed by viruses and spam transmitted through email.

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