SM Resinas, S.L.

SM Resinas is a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of a wide range of raw materials for the plastics and rubber processing industry. For more than 50 years, the company has been constantly growing and renewing itself, always surrounded by great professionals, to obtain the total confidence of our customers.

They used to use a virtualisation infrastructure based on a classic architecture consisting of a disk array for shared storage, SAN and several physical servers to run the virtual machines. They are now using a virtualisation infrastructure based on a Proxmox Ve Ceph Cluster using local NVMe disks and a 50Gbps mesh network for Ceph communication. This change has resulted in a significant increase in performance as well as a very significant reduction in infrastructure costs as a disk array is no longer required.

For DRP we have implemented both local PBS and PBS with the possibility to boot virtual machines in a remote data centre, as well as frequent copies of the most critical virtual machines to reduce potential data loss.

They use FWCloud to manage the VPNs of all their users, as well as the permissions they will have when accessing the services of their virtual servers.

Our programming department has been in charge of developing your Customer Area through which your customers have access to information about their orders.

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