New web online

SOLTECSIS began its journey at the beginning of August 2008, a little over 14 years ago. To make ourselves known and have a presence on the Internet, we created a website through which to show the world our entire range of products and services.

This website, which has been with us from the beginning and has been our showcase, needed a facelift in order to show a more modernized aesthetic, as well as a significant improvement in functionalities. In other words, we needed an evolution that would allow us to have a more practical and direct website that would show the world everything that we are capable of doing in the information technology sector.

For this reason, at the beginning of this year, we decided to ask TresTristesTigres to create a new web portal that would meet all these objectives.

We are proud to announce that today we finally have our new website online.

Among the numerous improvements that we have incorporated, we can highlight:

  • Direct and structured information. Now it is easier to understand what we do and what our business area is.
  • On-line shop. Initially for the acquisition of the Proxmox VE and FWCloud training courses, but we will expand it so that it can be used with our other numerous products and services.
  • Blog. Here we will publish articles related to our day to day. It will serve so that our experts can contribute their experiences, creativity and knowledge to the community.
  • SEO. The new website has been designed with search engine positioning in mind, to make it easier to find us.

 We hope that the Internet community will like it and that it will help us to publicize our full potential in terms of information technology.

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